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Saudi Post Track & Trace System


Saudi Postal Corporation is the government operated postal, delivery and cargo service for the Saudi Arabia. Saudi Post, has been working in harmony with the entire world for deliveries. Do not use spaces or other (+ - / * ? & = ! ') characters. After clicking on the "Track" button on the above, you will be directed to the tracking result page on www.sp.com.sa. This page creates just a link automatically for requested information with form restructuring. The most common tracking number format is a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters, usually starting with 2 alphabets, following by 9 digits, and ending by "SA" (e.g. RC 999 999 999 SA). Some other less common formats may also exist. Online Tracking Numbers Com never makes logging and does not use SaudiPost's any of the information system definetly.

Search the location of the nearest post office in Saudi Arabia, including opening times and contact numbers. Click here

Saudi Post Postage Calculator, help you choose which postal service you need and to find out how much that service will cost. Click here

Set up an overseas address for the delivery of online goods bought abroad, which will then be forwarded on to your Saudi PO box or address by Saudi Post. Click here

Search about other online services from Saudi Post. Click here

Saudi Post Tracking Number Formats
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Global Delivery Tracking System (English - Worldwide)

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Saudi Post (البريد السعودي) is Saudi Arabia's national postal service provider, delivering registered or express mails and parcels across Saudi Arabia and internationally. Saudi Post Tracking, You can find a shipment no at the voucher that you get from Saudi Post, by your shipment. You can follow your post. Tap the shipment no on the site and immediately see where your package is at the moment, day to day. Package tracking is achieved by redirecting your inputs to related Saudi Post tracking service query addresses. Your private information such as your tracking numbers, cookies, session information are not logged in our site.
What is SaudiPost The Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone (Arabic: وزارة البرق والبريد والهاتف‎) functioning under the brand name Saudi Post (Arabic: البريد السعودي), is a government operated postal system in Saudi Arabia; it is generally referred to within kingdom as "Bareed". An efficient postal network now covers all the cities and villages of the Kingdom, with 478 main and 180 branch post offices. In 2006, 858.1 million pieces of post were handled by a network of governmental and private post offices. Saudi Post has evolved through two main phases. The first phase being the establishment of Saudi Arabia and the second the establishment of post by the late King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al-Saud. Wasel (Arabic: خدمة واصل): is a service to deliver all postal services to homes of citizens and residents. by providing a unique postal address through geographic information systems (GIS). Jamaee (Arabic: خدمة جامعي): designed specifically for sending the students admission documents to all public universities for free. Mureeh (Arabic: خدمة مريح): is service is dedicated for serving the reviewers of ministries and government agencies, to allow the citizen to follow all his governmental transactions through the offices of Saudi Postal Corporation deployed in all cities and provinces of the kingdom, and sending it to the concerned destination. Par Ex (Arabic: خدمة التوصيل للمملكة المتحدة): is a specialized service from EMS for shipments going to Britain. Gulf Ex (Arabic: خدمة الخليج اكسبريس): is a low price service for parcels and presents to the Gulf States. Next morning delivery is available to all the Gulf States capitals. Indian Par Ex (Arabic: خدمة التوصيل للهند): This is a highly competitively priced service for sending parcels and presents, up to 30 kg, to India. Nile Ex (Arabic: خدمة التوصيل لمصر والسودان). More Wikipedia
SaudiPost Customer Service Saudi Post Customer Service:

If you have any question regarding the delivery process of a package, call: +966 9200 05700.

Saudi Post Contact Center

Saudi Post Locations Finder

Courier Companys automatically assigns a tracking number to your shipment. Tracking numbers are numbers given to packages when they are shipped. Tracking numbers are useful for knowing the location of time sensitive deliveries. Saudi Post Tracking numbers are used by SaudiPost to identify and trace shipments as they move through the SaudiPost system to their destination.

By log in your Saudi Post Tracking number can you your package ID by entering the detailed information online following, you can know where your package is at the moment.

SaudiPost Notice This website is not the official supplier of Saudi Post. For all transactions please visit: sp.com.sa. Saudi Post Offical Web Site: www.sp.com.sa

Online Tracking Numbers COM is a third party, all in one solution for tracking shipments. You can track your deliveries easily by using our web site.

We committed you that in no way we does not record your any information belonging.

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Twitter User 823220041516777474Statuses 823220041516777474
Twitter User 823220041516777474
khjasser: @smshahrani @MOIeServices @SaudiPost_Care تم طلب تجديد رخصة سير من تاريخ 14 /1 ولم تصل حتى تاريخه TRFVR0003816438 رقم الوثيقة ح ر ر 8290 خ
2017-01-22 20:25:27 AST
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Twitter User 823219424110985216Statuses 823219424110985216
Twitter User 823219424110985216
Dq9kWhHtSRKWmtt: @saudipost
2017-01-22 20:23:00 AST
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Twitter User 823219416129224705Statuses 823219416129224705
Twitter User 823219416129224705
FRHA1417: @SaudiPost_Care يلا تواصلت معكم
2017-01-22 20:22:58 AST
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Twitter User 823218428123250688Statuses 823218428123250688
Twitter User 823218428123250688
sahoooma2: @saudipost جاتني فاتورة لاسترجاع شحنة داخل بريطانيا ب ٣٠٠ ريال هذا سعرها لشحن الي سعودية كيف تسترجع داخل بريطانيا بهذا المبلغ ؟
2017-01-22 20:19:02 AST
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Twitter User 823218018952028160Statuses 823218018952028160
Twitter User 823218018952028160
CavwoRXrWrVywES: @SaudiPost_Care طيب م فيه الا الاسم ورقم الجوال ذي مره ماتنفع ؟؟؟ لأن هي م غير رقم شحنه لأن شحنها جوي ... وش اسوي م عاد تجي اغراضي يعني 😭😭
2017-01-22 20:17:25 AST
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Twitter User 823217131026284544Statuses 823217131026284544
Twitter User 823217131026284544
SaudiPost_Care: @omarro93 عميلنا العزيز .. نأمل تزويدنا برقم الهوية عبر الرسائل الخاصة لخدمتك .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 20:13:53 AST
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Twitter User 823216100926169089Statuses 823216100926169089
Twitter User 823216100926169089
m_a_s654: @saudipost لدي مدفوعات زائده وتم رفع طلب قبل شهر وصل لي الرد عزيزنا العميل لقد تم إغلاق طلبكم رقم  1608839780 بنجاح ولم يتم استرجاع المبلغ؟
2017-01-22 20:09:47 AST
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Twitter User 823215792858820608Statuses 823215792858820608
Twitter User 823215792858820608
SaudiPost_Care: @Z____0 عميلنا العزيز ..  المادة لم تصل المملكة ولازالت قيد إجراء الشحن لدى البريد المرسل .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 20:08:34 AST
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Twitter User 823215380671905793Statuses 823215380671905793
Twitter User 823215380671905793
SaudiPost_Care: @i7i77 عفواً ، سعدنا بخدمتك
2017-01-22 20:06:56 AST
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Twitter User 823214008085909504Statuses 823214008085909504
Twitter User 823214008085909504
Z____0: @SaudiPost_Care RF453925128CNالطلب هذا صار له اسبوعين بجده ايش المشكله !؟ متى توصل وجهتها النهائيه
2017-01-22 20:01:28 AST
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Twitter User 823213957011898369Statuses 823213957011898369
Twitter User 823213957011898369
i7i77: @SaudiPost_Care شكرا لك
2017-01-22 20:01:16 AST
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Twitter User 823213818788642819Statuses 823213818788642819
Twitter User 823213818788642819
SaudiPost_Care: @i7i77 وعليكم السلام .. رقم السداد يخص / ورشة ثامر نمر الشمري .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 20:00:43 AST
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Twitter User 823213627805147136Statuses 823213627805147136
Twitter User 823213627805147136
SaudiPost_Care: @FRHA1417 عميلنا العزيز .. نأمل تزويدنا برقم المادة (حروف وأرقام) عبر الرسائل الخاصة لإفادتك .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 19:59:58 AST
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Twitter User 823212949787594752Statuses 823212949787594752
Twitter User 823212949787594752
FRHA1417: @SaudiPost_Care لي شهر اكلمكم طب احد يتبرع ويرد😒
2017-01-22 19:57:16 AST
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Twitter User 823212492746878978Statuses 823212492746878978
Twitter User 823212492746878978
FRHA1417: @SaudiPost_Care @_MagicTouch انا نفس مشكلته وشو السبب! والحل
2017-01-22 19:55:27 AST
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Twitter User 823212155344486400Statuses 823212155344486400
Twitter User 823212155344486400
FRHA1417: @SaudiPost_Care لو سمحت انا لمن اروح البريد يقولي مو موجوده شحنه بذا الرقم ليهه؟؟
2017-01-22 19:54:07 AST
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Twitter User 823212118795288576Statuses 823212118795288576
Twitter User 823212118795288576
SaudiPost_Care: @khmaralafifa1 عميلنا العزيز  .. يمكنك زيارة الرابط التالي لمعرفة خدمات الشحن وأسعاره .. https://t.co/kNvgWFWCRK  .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 19:53:58 AST
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Twitter User 823211795510886400Statuses 823211795510886400
Twitter User 823211795510886400
khmaralafifa1: @SaudiPost_Care هل يوجد توصيل إلى الدرب من الرياض؟ وبكم؟
2017-01-22 19:52:41 AST
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Twitter User 823211562018242560Statuses 823211562018242560
Twitter User 823211562018242560
khmaralafifa1: @saudipost لو سمحت في توصيل للدرب؟وبكم من الرياض الى الدرب ؟
2017-01-22 19:51:45 AST
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Twitter User 823210611391741954Statuses 823210611391741954
Twitter User 823210611391741954
SaudiPost_Care: @Mstancen عميلنا العزيز .. نأمل تزويدنا برقم المادة (حروف وأرقام) عبر الرسائل الخاصة لإفادتك .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 19:47:58 AST
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Twitter User 823210133924806656Statuses 823210133924806656
Twitter User 823210133924806656
SaudiPost_Care: @marrn_souq عميلنا العزيز .. تم التواصل معك عبر الرسائل الخاصة .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 19:46:05 AST
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Twitter User 823209553760309249Statuses 823209553760309249
Twitter User 823209553760309249
marrn_souq: @SaudiPost_Care نحن في إنتظار الرد منكم سواء على الخاص او العام
2017-01-22 19:43:46 AST
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Twitter User 823208864829112320Statuses 823208864829112320
Twitter User 823208864829112320
_MagicTouch: @SaudiPost_Care مع البريد السعودي لابد أن يكون لديك الحاسة السادسة من أجل معرفة خط سير الطرد التابع لك
2017-01-22 19:41:02 AST
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Twitter User 823208847351418880Statuses 823208847351418880
Twitter User 823208847351418880
SaudiPost_Care: @_MagicTouch عميلنا العزيز .. نأمل تزويدنا برقم المادة (حروف وأرقام) عبر الرسائل الخاصة لإفادتك .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 19:40:58 AST
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Twitter User 823208798764625920Statuses 823208798764625920
Twitter User 823208798764625920
SaudiPost_Care: @9h35forcinTNM1e وعليكم السلام .. نأمل تزويدنا برقم المادة (حروف وأرقام) عبر الرسائل الخاصة لإفادتك .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 19:40:46 AST
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Twitter User 823208490491645952Statuses 823208490491645952
Twitter User 823208490491645952
_MagicTouch: @SaudiPost_Care طرد تم تسجيل دخوله لدى البريد في تاريخ 8 وإلى اليوم لم يتم ابلاغي بوصولها
2017-01-22 19:39:33 AST
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (823208490491645952)

Twitter User 823208147296940033Statuses 823208147296940033
Twitter User 823208147296940033
_MagicTouch: @SaudiPost_Care ويستمر مسلسل الخدمات السيئة لدى البريد السعودي
2017-01-22 19:38:11 AST
🐤 Go to Tweet 👉 (823208147296940033)

Twitter User 823207491135766528Statuses 823207491135766528
Twitter User 823207491135766528
9h35forcinTNM1e: @SaudiPost_Care @qqmuh_77 السلام عليكم عندي شحنه جايه من تركيا من6ينايرمشحنه للأن ماوصلت ماهي المشكله عندي رقم تتبع ساعدوني
2017-01-22 19:35:34 AST
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Twitter User 823205994352275456Statuses 823205994352275456
Twitter User 823205994352275456
SaudiPost_Care: @qqmuh_77 عميلنا العزيز .. نأمل تزويدنا برقم المادة (حروف وأرقام) عبر الرسائل الخاصة لإفادتك .. نشكر تواصلك
2017-01-22 19:29:38 AST
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Twitter User 823205926115143681Statuses 823205926115143681
Twitter User 823205926115143681
qqmuh_77: @SaudiPost_Care عندي شحنتين من بريطانيا لها شهرين ماوصلت
2017-01-22 19:29:21 AST
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